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Aluminum is the most abundant metal on earth. And some scientists claim that it is one of the main building blocks of the universe.

In terms of usefulness aluminum is hard to beat. Pound for pound it's very strong, it conducts electricity, and most importantly to Coyote Gear customers it makes for some very useful fittings.

The most popular aluminum fittings we carry are our filler necks and half coupling weld bungs. The filler necks are made from 3003-0 aluminum and our half couplings are made of 6061-T6.

3003-0 contains about 1.25% manganese and 0.1% copper. The additional copper increases the alloy's strength approximately 20%. It's used in applications that involved shaping and forming.  It also has good welding qualities and corrosion resistance, which makes it perfect for weld-on filler necks.

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