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Stainless Steel Pipe Nipples Information

 Stainless Pipe Thread Nipples

Stainless Steel

  • If you need top quality stainless steel pipe thread nipples Coyote Gear is the place to shop. Our schedule 40 NPT threaded nipples are designed for use with air, water, oil, natural gas and steam.
  • Manufacturing standards: ANSI, ASTM and ASME.
  • Temperature Range: -20 to 650 Degrees F.
  • 304 SS pipe nipples are economical and suitable for most piping projects but if you are working with corrosive material 316 SS provides better corrosion resistance.  

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Pipe Schedule describes the strength of the pipe and the strength is determined largely by the wall thickness of the pipe. As the schedule number increases from 10 to 40 to 80 the wall thickness also increases. Therefore the strength of the pipe is expressed in the number of the pipe schedule.

The outside diameter of the pipe for a given pipe size does not increase with an increase in strength and schedule. The additional thickness of the pipe is achieved by reducing the inside diameter of the pipe. The decrease of the inside diameter reduces the flow of any substance that a pipe can carry.

In general as the schedule and strength of the pipe increases so does the cost.

The conclusion is that it’s important to understand the needs of your application in terms of pipe strength so you can minimize the costs and maximize the value of your purchase.

Schedule 40 Brass and Stainless Steel Pipe Nipple Chart

Pipe Size Outside Diameter Inside Diameter Wall Thickness
1/8" 0.405" 0.269" 0.068"
1/4" 0.540" 0.364" 0.088"
3/8" 0.675" 0.493" 0.091"
1/2" 0.840" 0.622" 0.109"
3/4" 1.050" 0.824" 0.113"
1" 1.315" 1.049" 0.133"
1-1/4" 1.660" 1.380" 0.140"
1-1/2" 1.900" 1.610" 0.145"
2" 2.375" 2.067" 0.154"






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